The Genesis of SEEd

SEEd is the brain child of Mimi Diaz and Craig Harrer, two seasoned education professionals with more than 40 years of experience and success in defining and implementing sustained distributed leadership models.

The Problem

  • It takes 5 years to build a high achieving school.
  • Only Leisure and hospitality workers leave their positions more often than principals of high poverty schools.
  • 25,000 Principals leave their schools each year.
  • 73% of Principals have less than 5 years experience at their current school.
  • 52% of principals quit by their third year in the role.

If our schools remain hierarchies, where principals are responsible for the single greatest individual impact on student achievement (25%), school culture and systems implementation, THEN we will continue to get the results we are currently getting…


SEEd Collaboratives


SEEd facilitates the development of organized, effective leadership teams, to work as sustainable collaboratives in order to achieve definable goals and implement lasting change in education.

SEEd collaboratively cultivates effective, high impact leadership teams that sustain themselves through:

  • The creation of a new shared leadership governance model that is individualized, feasible and sustainable.
  • Co-created equity audits and needs assessments that leverage the strengths of the organization
  • The utilization of proven methodologies to ensure consistently effective meeting outcomes
  • Effectively create and implement a leadership growth and accountability system
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