Happy Clients

Craig and Mimi have a wealth of experience in schools and listen carefully in their collaborations with leaders. They are able to tailor their products and communication styles to that of the client. They are willing to do whatever is needed to help and support. Their passion about supporting sustainable education projects is evident in their attention to detail and out of the box thinking.
— Heather Haines, Instructional Superintendent Denver Public Schools
Craig and Mimi are unparalleled in their ability to identify key opportunities or problems that require innovative solutions. After identifying a need, the tandem is able to provide creative ideas while also involving key stakeholders to develop their own voice. The resulting system or strategy works because its innovation grew from the stakeholders’ authentically.
— Kartal Jaquette, Lead Partner/Founder Denver Green School
Craig and Mimi offered our leadership team a new perspective on shared leadership and pushed our thinking around how we can design our school governance model to embody our values and meet the needs of our community. With all of the initiatives our new school is trying to implement, it is absolutely essential that our leadership be distributed and sustainable in order to be effective. Craig and Mimi gave us the tools and structures by which we could create an individualized shared leadership model.
— Mike Cammilleri, Our Neighborhood School
Mimi and Craig were instrumental in the founding of DGS and in our academic and cultural success. After 8 years of success, people ask me all the time what makes DGS so special? The answer is simple—Shared Leadership. However, Shared Leadership is not easy to execute and Mimi and Craig have years of experience to know what traditional structures can work and when to push the envelope with innovations around leadership. I highly recommend them to help you know how to push the envelope and get results.
— Frank Coyne, Lead Partner/Founder Denver Green School