While there are a growing number of canned solutions that take a one-size-fits-all approach, at SEEd we utilize an established and proven model that we can customize and tailor to address each culture and organization.

  • The Power of The Partnership — Creating and Maintaining Sustainable  Leadership
  • Leadership Collaboratives Toolbox — How to Design and Sustain a Unique, Dynamic Distributed Leadership Model to Fit Your Needs
  • Build Capacity For Equity — Provide equity audits to uncover, understand,  and change inequities that exist

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Leadership Framework Design

  • Implementing school governance redesign
  • Designing competency-based school leadership frameworks and evaluation systems
  • Gathering stakeholder feedback including focus groups
  • Creating growth and development guides, conversation guides, evidence, and scoring guides
  • Mapping and aligning professional learning



  • A boutique approach to coaching; individualizing each session to build capacity in leaders and teams.
  • Shadowing and data collection on time management.
  • Reflectively partnering with our clients, we explore current realities and help adjust formal structures to directly impact your goals.
  • Utilizing specific sustainability practices to ensure leaders can be at their peak performance.

Professional Development

  • Offering a variety of small group and entire staff interactive, dynamic professional development sessions designed to meet the uniques needs of your team.
  • Helping create effective school teams that meet the demand for rigorous learning environments.  
  • Aligning strategic planning, data gathering and evaluation with culture, change, and system tools to build capacity towards sustainable distributed leadership.


For Districts

Guiding districts/departments to change mental models and adjust systems that align with a school’s mission, vision, values and goals. Creating reciprocal relationships that benefit both the district and the school leaders.

Coaching and professional development services are available to district support staff and teams.

With over 40 years of experience working in schools, we keep the school's perspective in mind.

Experience with district departments and their personnel.

  • Human Resources
  • Budget
  • Technology
  • Classroom Teachers Associations
  • Facilities
  • And many more


Innovation / Charter Development

Our services provide Innovation and Charter schools the tools necessary to succeed from school design to navigating district systems. Our focus revolves around each school's mission, vision and values.

Possibilities include:

  • Facilitating the writing of Innovation/Charter school applications and year 3 reviews
  • Innovation plan follow through and data collection
  • Interpretation of Groff bill and waivers-understanding the law, waivers and how to put them in practice.
  • Navigating district bureaucracies to implement innovation plans effectively.