Leadership Collaborative

While there are a growing number of canned solutions that take a one-size-fits-all approach, at SEEd we utilize an established and proven model that we can customize and tailor to address each culture and organization. Our collaborators feel confident in the fact that we have lived the evolution of adaptable solutions in school leadership.

  • Our systems and structures facilitate and deliver socially just, sustainable, and effective leadership while guaranteeing sustained success for students.  
  • Our interactive cultures facilitate and deliver a thriving learning community that adults hunger to be a part of and dedicate themselves to maintaining.

Creating, growing, and sustaining effective
high impact leadership requires...


Understanding and dedication to shared leadership structures


Collective responsibility


Values-driven leadership mindset


Systems and structures benefit all collaboratives’ members


Open, honest, and acknowledging communication


Real-time, shared accountability

We grow leadership collaboratives that...

  • Share responsibility to the vision, mission and values
  • Build trusting, action-oriented relationships
  • Develop leadership capacity 
  • Utilize efficient and effective tools for reflection and growth
  • Deliver system integrity
  • Model effective interdependence
  • Facilitate diverse leadership team roles 
  • Apply expedient feedback loops
  • Employ achievable and flexible leadership frameworks